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Return Policy

Requirements of The Return Process

·Proof of purchase (order number, invoice, etc.)

·The reason for the return must be in accordance with the conditions for accepting returns, the method of recovering the value of the product that suits you, and any additional information that follows (ID number, as an  example in the case of a cashback)

Please call Customer Service within 24 hours if you received a damaged / incomplete product during the shipping process. In such case all products are returned in addition to the attached free gifts. If all products are not returned, the return process will be rejected.

We will check the product to be returned. If it is found that there are no damages resulting from misuse, the value of the product will be refunded in the manner suitable for you. Refund will be made within a maximum of 3-5 days after the competent team receives the returned product.

If during the inspection it was found that the product to be returned is free from the reason stated in your order, the value will not be refunded and the product will be returned to you.

Return with no defects:

                         1) The product may be returned without defects within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of purchase

                        A / Provided that proof of the purchase process is presented with an invoice from

                        B / If no proof is provided, it is not permissible to return. 

C / The returned product is the same as it was sold.

                         2) It is allowed to return the non-defective fabric, provided that it is not a special order (printed fabric on demand) with a deduction of 30% of the value of the fabric in a period not exceeding a month and a half from the date of purchase, and the condition of the returned fabric is in the same condition of sale.

Return in case of defects:

  • It is allowed to return defective products (due to production defects) within 30 days from the date of making the invoice or receiving it.

  • After a period of 30 days to 3 months, it is permissible to return with a deduction of 30% of the value of the products, provided that it is not a special order (printed fabric on demand). 

Cases where no return is accepted/permitted:

                             It is not allowed to return the fabric that is not completely defective in the following cases:

                            1 / If the fabric is a special order (printed on demand)

                            2 / If the fabric is customized with a special design 

                            3 / Non-defective fabric less than 10 meters may not be returned

General Instructions:

1) Fabric guarantee against production defects for a period of one year, with the following conditions:

- Commitment to dry washing of all fabrics 

- Keeping the purchase invoice

 - Adherence to the instructions for the use of fabric (curtain or upholstery). If the customer insists on choosing the other uses for fabric, we are not responsible. 

2) In the event that 14 days have passed since the customer did not receive the order from, the products shall be returned to our central warehouse, and the customer shall bear the storage and transportation expenses of 5% of the total bill value for each month, with a maximum of 6 months. 

3) If the customer does not receive the order within 6 months, he is not entitled to claim the company for the product or its price

4) 100% of the invoice value is paid on the site or one of our payment methods if the order contains a fabric product that is not a ready-made product such as assembled curtains, cushions, canvases, etc. 

5) In the event that the customer receives his order of fabric for upholstery in two pieces, we will provide an additional 1 meter, and if delivered in 3 pieces, we will provide an additional 2 meters, and if received in 4 pieces, we will provide an additional 3 meters. 

6) It is allowed to exceed color variations with +/- 5% according to the industrial standards and the difference in screen calibrations. 

7) In the event that the fabric is requested for a curtain, the lengths of each curtain unit must be determined from the beginning of the order being made on the site

8) Paying the value of the deposit or invoice is a form of agreeing the terms and conditions, privacy policy and return policy approved by The Consumer Protection Authorities. 

How to return a product?

You can return your product through the website by adhering to the following steps:

1.     Log in and click on orders and then click on the order that includes the products you want to return.

2.     Choose the number of products you want to return, and specify the reason for the return in detail to help us solve the product problem.

3.     Choose the recovery method you prefer (for example: in case of prepaid payment, please choose the same method to recover the amount).

4.     Choose how to deliver the product that is to be returned.

5.     Review your data and submit your recovery order.

You can get in touch with customer service through our email: [email protected]

When can the products be returned to

All products sold on the site, in certain cases, can be returned within 14 to 30 days if the product is damaged from the date of receipt.

Please note that the return order for defective products will be accepted within 30 days of receipt. If a product damage or problem is encountered 30 days after receipt, we will not be able to accept returns.

How to track the status of returning the order?

The status of the order will be followed up by e-mail. In case of any inquiries, please go to this page to submit your order.

If a wrong product arrives, what happens?

We apologize to you in the event of such error. In the event of receiving the product, you can return the order up to 30 days in case of a defective product.

Should the order be fully returned?

It is not necessary to return the order in full, but only the desired product.

Can products be returned after the return period has expired?

Unfortunately, the product cannot be returned 30 days after its receipt. If there is a guarantee, you can contact our hotline 19116.

What should I do if I want to replace a product that is sold or not available?

The product must be returned within 30 days from the date it was received and order for a new product when it is available on the site again. Please do not hesitate to contact customer service from here.

Should the free gift be returned in the event of an order for a return?

Yes, the free gift shall be returned.

Do I have to pay shipping charges if the order is returned?

There are no shipping charges if the order is returned.

If my order for a refund is confirmed, how and when will the value of the purchases be returned?

The process of returning the product value to the customer begins after the result of the quality inspection and acceptance of the returned product. The quality inspection process takes a maximum of 8 working days from the date the site receives the returned product. After completing the inspection process, we will notify you via an email.

You can get the amount paid in the form of a purchase voucher within 24 hours and use it later to buy from the site. Choosing such method is available while submitting an application online or by calling customer service and it is the fastest way to recover the value of the returned product.

Otherwise, the refund will be made according to the following schedule. The ways to recover the value of purchases differ according to the method of payment, knowing that if you choose a purchase voucher to buy, we cannot replace the voucher with the cash amount again.

Purchasing refund methods

Purchasing refund methods

Payment methods used

Purchase voucher/ Bank transfer*

Payment when receiving

Credit card transfer from 7-14 working days

Credit card

Purchase voucher

Purchase voucher


***If the customer is not reached to return the amount in cash within a maximum period of 2 days, the amount will be transferred to a purchase voucher, and the customer will not have the right to claim it in cash again.

Time spent (after ending the quality inspection)

Way of refund of purchases

24 hours

Purchase voucher

7-14 working days

Credit card transfer

What is the purchase voucher?

The purchase voucher is one way to refund the amount previously paid. You can use the voucher to purchase any other product on the site, which is valid for 180 days and you can use it multiple times as long as it has a balance remaining.

How can I use the purchase voucher?

When a purchase voucher is issued, its number is sent to you in your email.

To use it: Enter the purchase voucher code in the section provided and press "Add purchase voucher" before completing the order. The value of the voucher will be deducted from the total of the order amount.

If a return order is invalid for a refund, how can I know?

We will make two (2) attempts to return the product to you at no cost. But after two failed attempts, we will cancel the return process and keep the product in our warehouse for up to ninety (90) days.

If you do not receive the product for a period of ninety (90) days, it will be considered forfeited and you will lose the ownership of the product. Therefore, if you do not agree with our evaluation of your refund order, please contact us as soon as possible by filling out the following link.

If you purchased a product during sales or using a voucher, what is the value returned to me?

For products purchased during sales, the same paid value will be refunded to you, not the original value of the product.

For example: if you bought a product during the sales of 20 pounds and its original value was 40 pounds, you will be refunded with 20 pounds.