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Welcome to Shatta.com

 Here and only at Shatta.com, you can shop by choosing from a wide range of trendy and unique items in the world of home decor. We offer decorative pieces that will suit your home and will guarantee an effective positive vibe for every room. At Shatta.com, we’ve got anything and everything you need to make your homes cosier and warmer.


With Shatta.com, you can spend more time relaxing at home, surfing our website, where you’ll find all the necessary and luxurious items to decorate your home. Not only that, but you can receive these products right at your doorstep through a fast and safe delivery system. Our aim is to reach you wherever and whenever.  

Shatta.com belongs to the SHATTA for Fabrics and Curtains Group. Therefore, Shatta.com has the right to use the parent company’s trademark and is responsible for all marketing activities associated with virtually showcasing products that belong to the mother company and all its brands.

Our Mission

Our goal in Shatta.com is to reach every home and meet the needs of a large customer base with different tastes and interior decor preferences. 

Our Vision

Our vision at Shatta.com  is to become the leading e-commerce website for home decor in Egypt and the Middle East. We aspire to create a spirit of creativity and distinction in the field of home décor through diversity and innovation.