Welcome to SHATTA.com the location which you can not just select material and ready made furniture but also you can create your own decorative home.


Our vision is to lead industry and trade of fabrics, furniture and curtains in Egypt and the Middle East, Africa and Europe through cooperation with us, and we wish the fruition of this cooperation of new services to satisfy our goals together.


SHATTA is a leading manufacturer of fabrics, curtains and upholstery in Egypt and the Middle East.

Founded SHATTA in Arab Republic of Egypt since 1988, founder / Mohamed SHATTA, the owner and chairman of the board, depending on the latest techniques in design and manufacturing of furniture, as well as manufacturing technology developed by our factories where we have 300 machines (Jacquard – and Dupe) The Factories latest technologies in the world of furniture and designs and harmonious colors as well as fabrics.

The company has to provide the final products through our branches and retail and wholesale, wishing to spread in places of your stay and satisfy our customers and ensure the quality of our products and constantly update our services for sale.


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Al- Azhar                     91 Al azhar street                  

Gesr el Suez                Qubaa Souq Alqanal Aldawly

Gesr el Suez 2             13 Abou Gazala buildings Gesr el Suez street

Dar al salaam              261 Ahmed Zaki street

Ain shams                   70 Ahmed Orabi street

Maadi                         28 El- Nasr street                   

Masr el Gedida         4 Saudi company buildings Al- Nozha street

Abbas El- akkad      27 Nasr Ahmed zaki st.off El Batrawy

New Cairo                   El Hammd mall Behind new Cairo court

Obour city                  No. 23 Golf City Mall

Madinaty                    inside Arabsic mall


Faisal                           Faisal main street       

Warraq                       1 Cornish El Nile warraq Al Arab

El Mohndsien        49 El Hussein street – of Mohy El Dein Abou Elezz


Damietta                    72 Mohamed Abdu – Damietta

Zagazig                        1 el bana street off el kosham street

Mansoura                   310 Mash3l Field

Mitt Ghamr                142 port said street


Ismailia                       Block 44 , 45 clothes field 

Upper Egypt

Fayoum                       Gamal abd el Nasr street el maslla field

Bani sweif                   23 streets el abasiri field

Asyut                           El Nasr towers in front of Sadr Hospital

Red Sea

Hurghada                    El Nasr street in front of Go bus